For each plan, there is a number of reservations that you can receive in your account. This includes all bookings that have been received in your account in the last 30 days.

You can see the current status of your reservations at the bottom left of your calendar view. You can receive up to 40 reservations in the Free version. As you approach 40, the reservation indicator will change from blue to red. Once you reach this limit, we'll alert you and offer you the transition to premium services.

The reservations are counted to the day they were made - i.e. received by you. When your clients have made 20 reservations today for the following months, these will be included in the current total number of bookings from the last 30 days.

When your clients are making more reservations and your account is exceeding the limit of the reservations, the new reservation is accepted in the calendar, but you cannot see its details. You only see the service for which the reservation was accepted, but you do not see the name of the client who has booked.

If you do not wish to receive reservations too much in advance, we recommend that you check how much ahead can your clients book your services. You can find this setting in the administration of your account, under the Business tab, in the Settings section, in the Reservations part.

The Free package has a limit of 40 reservations, premium plan Starter has 200 reservations, premium plan Standard has 500 reservations, and the Pro package allows you to receive an unlimited number of reservations.