Events can be easily filtered based on staff. You immediately see who is busy today or this whole week.

  • Just click on the name of your staff in the left field, and a calendar with his events will pop up.
  • To see how much work your staff has today, tomorrow, or next Tuesday, change the display option of the calendar from Week to Day. Both buttons are in the upper part of the calendar.

Right after clicking on Day, information on the selected day will appear (you can choose the day in the left part of your calendar or using the arrows next to the Day button, which you can also use to return to the current day). You have two display options:

  • One staff is tagged in the left column – you see all of his tasks for the given day.
  • All staff option is tagged in the left column – you see all the tasks divided into columns with the name of specific staff. On the right, you find Unassigned tasks, waiting for somebody to take care of them.