Manage credit, time and visit passes

Our reservation system allows you to manage 3 types of passes:

Time pass - valid for a certain period of time 

Credit pass - with specific value, credit 

Visit pass - valid for a specific number of entries/visits.

You can always find settings of Passes clicking on the Business tab. To create a new pass, use blue Create Pass button. By clicking on it, you can define your passes.

When you choose Visit pass, you will be asked to fill in the name and price of the pass, how many visits are enabled and select the individual services to which the pass applies.

For time passes, fill in the name, price of the pass and the expiration date. 

For credit passes, you specify the name, price (for how much the client bought it) and the real value to which it is being used. 

You can add pass to each client. Go to Clients, select a specific client, and in the upper right corner click on the button Add pass. If the pass has limited validity, please state the date when it expires. In addition to that, you can decide whether to Apply pass on all existing upcoming bookings. Otherwise, the pass will be used for new bookings only. Each client with a valid pass will have a blue icon by their name and when you open the record of this client, you can see the current status of their passes.