Custom SMS and e-mail messages

Inform clients via email or SMS about status of their bookings. To set messaging to your clients, go to the Business and click on Messages.

You can send the following message types to clients:

Booking is awaiting confirmation - Send a message to inform a client that his booking is awaiting your approval.

Booking confirmation - Send a message when a booking for client is confirmed.

Booking declined - Send a message when a booking for client is declined.

Booking cancelled - Send a message when a booking for client is cancelled.

Appointment rescheduled - Send a message when a booking has been rescheduled.

Booking reminder - Set automatic booking reminders. Thanks to them your clients will not forget about their bookings.

To enable messaging, select one of the options listed and check the "Enable sending" check box. Right after that, this option will unpack and you can define your own content of messages:

  • Message Subject - Fill in the message header. This text appears as the subject of emails sent to your clients.

  • Message text - Define the message content. Using variables, the system will automatically add respective values. For example, when you insert a CLIENT_NAME variable into the text, the system always input the name of the client.

  • For SMS, you can see the number of characters left for 1 SMS. The length of the text determines the number of SMS sent to your clients. If the message is longer, the system will show the estimated number of SMS: Estimated length: 2 SMS messages.

  • For a better idea of how the message appears to your clients, check it out in the Message Preview field.

  • To reset the original message appearance, click: Set default.

Finally, make sure to save all the changes.


Imagine that the message you want to send your clients right after booking confirmation is:

Your reservation has been confirmed

Hello, John Smith,

Thank you for your reservation for Men Haircut!

We look forward to seeing you on July 22, 2018 at 2 pm.


Team Barber

To set the message this way, follow those steps:

  • Write the message "Your reservation has been confirmed" in the Message subject box

  • In the message text box, enter:


thank you for your reservation at SERVICE_NAME!

We will be looking forward to EVENT_TIME on EVENT_TIME on EVENT_TIME.


Team Barber

Check the appearance of the message in Message Preview and save the changes.

From now on, all customers will receive booking confirmation messages in format you have just specified.