Each employee can have his own access to the system in order to manage bookings. We allow your colleagues to gain access to Reservio account with their own email address. You have an ability to manage access to certain part of the application (and limiting access to the ones you don't want them to see).

Click on a field with the name of a specific staff member to see his profile. Fill in his email address. 

You can give your staff members access of different levels. Select from the options listed and check one or more options. Invitation will be sent to staff member's email requiring confirmation.

Check the “Enable staff member to login and manage own bookings” check box to allow employees to re-book, edit, or remove them.

Allow access to all bookings - staff member with this access has ability to upload, edit, and delete all bookings, including bookings of other staff members.

Allow access to client list - staff members will see all clients, their contact details, recent activities, how often they use your services and can add notes to clients profiles.

Allow access to Business, Statistics and Promote - staff member with this type of access has ability to view and change settings in Business tab (Employees, Services, Passes, Settings, Premium Services), Statistics and Promotion.

The feature of the User Access is available in premium plan PRO only.