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What to do to get a discount for non-profit organizations?
What to do to get a discount for non-profit organizations?

How to get a discount for non-profit organizations.

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Are you part of a non-profit organization looking for an efficient scheduling software solution that won't break the bank? Reservio has you covered with a generous 50% discount, making your scheduling needs more affordable and manageable.

You can apply for this discount by reaching out to our customer support. Here's what you need to do to secure this discount.

  1. Verify your non-profit status:

    To benefit from our discount, you'll need to provide some essential information. First, provide the full name of your non-profit organization, along with your organization's name (company name). To validate your non-profit status, you'll also need to submit a document confirming your organization's non-profit status. This document serves as an official proof to ensure that only legitimate non-profit organizations enjoy the discount.

  2. Share your logo:

    As a way of building a community and showcasing your support for us, we kindly ask for your organization's logo or photo. This image will be used to highlight your association with Reservio on our platform.

  3. Leave a review on trustpilot:

    We believe in honest feedback, and we invite you to share your experience with Reservio on Trustpilot, a trusted review platform. Your short review about your experience with our software will help other users make informed decisions. You can leave your review here: Trustpilot Reservio Review.

  4. Permission to display on our website or blog:

    We would like to showcase your non-profit organization as part of our valued user community. We kindly request your permission to display your organization's name and logo on our website or blog to highlight our collaboration.

Once you've provided the required information and met these simple criteria, we will create a one-time discount code specifically for your organization. This code can be used for a single order, ensuring immediate savings.

How to renew a subscription with a discount

When it's time to renew your subscription, simply reach out to our customer support team, and they will be happy to provide you with a new discount code. You won't need to repeat the initial submission process. We are committed to making scheduling easier and more cost-effective for non-profit organizations.

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