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Getting Started

First steps with Reservio. Read detailed instructions on how to start with system from account creation to accepting first bookings.

6 articles
Calendar & Booking Management

Learn how to create and modify bookings, send notifications to clients and staff, set up booking rules, and working hours.

73 articles
Point of Sale

Find out all about the POS system. From the right setup, to using the inventory, to payments and taxes.

22 articles
Staff Management

Discover how to manage your employees and their profiles and access.

7 articles
Client Management

Manage the database of your clients. Learn how to import clients, as well as how to edit or block them.

6 articles

Read Reservio's tips on how to use the Booking Website for promotion, how to add booking options to your own website, and more.

29 articles
Billing & Subscription

Discover all of the necessary details of your subscription. Find how to renew or cancel your subscription and how to purchase an SMS package.

22 articles
Loyalty Program

Learn how to boost the customer experience with a loyalty program, providing passes and vouchers.

3 articles
Reservio Enterprise

Handle Reservio Enterprise with ease. Learn how to add and remove calendars or users. Read about purchases, subscriptions, and invoicing information.

6 articles
Online Booking for Clients

Explore how to create and manage bookings as a client. Learn about using vouchers, booking multiple services or cancelling your reservation.

15 articles
Account Settings

Learn the essentials of setting up a Reservio account like resetting password, setting time zone or changing your business’ address.

16 articles
Online payments

Discover the functionality and terms associated with our online payment feature.

2 articles

Important questions that we were not prepared for, e.g. Reservio for restaurants, hotels or non-profits.

3 articles