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How to set invoice sequencing
Updated this week

If you use our POS system, you can set up automatic invoice numbering to keep all your invoices organized.

You can set up invoice numbering when you activate your POS system in the first step when filling in your company details. However, if you have already gone through the activation process and want to modify the invoice ordering, open the Business tab — Payments — Company details.

Invoice numbering consists of two parts:


Here you can type in your own text as well as codes that change automatically based on the current date. You can use the codes below (follow the capital letters):

  • Y for year

  • M for month

  • D for day

So if you type ”asd123“ in the prefix (i.e. text without any code) it remains as ”asd123“ on the invoice.

But if you type ”YM“ (just the codes) in the prefix it will change to ”202401“ (if it is January 2024).

But you can combine the codes and texts freely. If you type ”11Y“ (i.e. text with a code) in the prefix, it will display as ”112024“ (if the year is 2024) on the invoice.

The invoice number

It consists of several digits that you can choose (from three to nine). The invoice number will change automatically depending on the current invoice order. So if you choose that the number contains three digits and it is the eleventh invoice in the sequence, the number will be 011.

The full number of the example invoice would look like this: 202401011 (202401 is the prefix after which 011 is appended, it signifies the order of the invoice). You will also see a preview of the invoice number directly when setting it up.

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