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Online payments
Updated this week

Thanks to the feature of online payments, customers can pay you for services in advance while booking. Currently, this feature is available only in the Czech Republic (this is why the screenshots and links are in Czech).


  • You will receive the money in advance. You will have a guarantee of income even if the customer doesn't show up.

  • You will save the time you spend paying and issuing bills.

  • You reduce the risk of virus transmission while handling cash.

  • You will get a more modern look at the Booking Website. Along with online payments, we will publish your business on the marketplace Thanks to this, you will have a more modern look at the Booking Website and you will get more opportunities to promote your business.

How does it work?

  • Your customers can pay for the selected service with one click while booking it. Prices of services are final. But you can set up this price only as a deposit – your customer will pay the rest when he visits your business.

  • If the customer cancels the reservation, the payment is automatically refunded to their account. In the settings, you can choose when customers can cancel the reservation for free.

  • With the launch of the online payments function, we will also publish your business on the marketplace

  • If you are currently using an iframe, it will no longer work after launching the online payments. The reason is the security of payments, which must be made exclusively on our website

  • Payments can be set as mandatory, i.e., the client has the option to pay online by card or pass, or optional, i.e., the client has the option to pay on the spot in addition to card and pass payments.


  • 100 customers pay for reservations for 300 CZK = 30,000 CZK

  • 5 reservations will be canceled (customers will be refunded) = -1,500 CZK

  • we deduct the refunded bookings from total sales 30,000 CZK - 1,500 CZK = 28,500 CZK

  • commission in the amount of 3% of received payments (0.03 x 30,000 CZK) = 900 CZK (we will issue a commission invoice for this amount)

  • the final amount minus the commission will be paid to the account 28,500 CZK - 900 CZK = 27,600 CZK

How to activate online payments?

Online payments are already used by thousands of services in the Czech Republic, activate them too. Please send us the following information and documents to or via chat:

  • contact email address and phone number,

  • whether you are registered for VAT purposes or not,

  • if you want to set online payments as mandatory or optional,

  • your billing information,

  • your bank account number to which we will send you payments and the name of its owner,

  • photocopy of the identity card,

  • confirmation that you can act for the company (excerpt from the commercial register or scan of the founding agreement),

  • if you need a specific number series format on issued invoices (for issuing commission invoices and documents for your customers), write to us about what format it is.

Your data and documents are completely safe with us. We need them to make everything legally sound. As soon as we receive your documents, we will prepare a Partner Services Agreement that we will sign together. Then, we will activate online payments for you, and you will be able to receive money in advance for your services.

At the moment of setting up online payments, the custom domain ceases to function because, for security reasons, payments must take place on the portal. Additionally, on the portal, it is not possible to change the design of the Booking Website or upload different photos other than the cover photo and logo.

What about receipts for your customers?

After paying for the service, the customer will find the receipt in their user account on or in the Reservio mobile application.

When will you get the money?

Every Monday we send you money for the previous week. You'll also find a statement in your account where you'll see the following:

  • an overview of all received and returned payments,

  • total sales,

  • commission amount — we will issue a commission invoice with the calculated commission amount.

Do not pay the commission invoice. The commission already reduces the final amount. You can find an overview of payments and documents in your account in the Business tab under Payments.

In the future, we will prepare even more detailed statistics and the possibility of filtering data for you.

What payment methods do we support?

Card payments:

Electronic wallets:

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