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Comprehensive guide to the POS system from Reservio
Comprehensive guide to the POS system from Reservio
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Introducing our POS (point of sales) system, which we have added to our appointment scheduling system, so you can keep track of your payments, products, and bookings without having to pay for several different software – Reservio does it all. Below you will find what you can manage with the POS system, how to activate it, and what benefits you will gain by using it.

What does Reservio's POS system include?

Our reliable POS system provides:

  • The ability to accept and easily record cash payments for services and products

  • Payment history

  • Product storage and management

  • Tax management

  • All important customer information in one place

Some of these features are only available on premium plans. For more detailed information on individual plans, see the price list.

How to activate the POS system?

Activating the POS system is very simple. Open the Business tab — Payments and click on the blue button Get started.

In the next steps fill in your business details, set up taxes, and select payment options. If you're not sure about the activation process, read this guide to learn everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of using Reservio's POS system?

The biggest advantage is without a doubt that you will have all the information you need in one place. Until now, businesses have had to use two separate systems that were not connected in any way. But now Reservio includes both a booking system and a POS system, which complement each other perfectly.

You can count on us to keep all the payments you receive for services and products safe. Our POS system is highly reliable and you can receive online payments, as well as on-site payments made by clients with cash or card without worrying. In addition, you will have a thorough history and detailed reports of all financial flows.

All products you offer can now be uploaded to your product warehouse, where you will keep an accurate record of your current stock. This allows you to sell the service or event you provide and the product you offer at the same time.

You'll have all the important customer information in one place, and you'll already know which product the client likes to use when booking a service and which one to offer them when they visit your business.

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