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Where can I find the payment history?
Where can I find the payment history?
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When you activate the POS system, all payments are automatically recorded and you can keep track of them.

You can find it under the Business tab — Payments — Transactions.

What information can I find in the transaction details?

After clicking on the selected payment, you will see the transaction details. Here you will find all the important details:

  • Amount paid

  • Date and time of payment

  • Payment type

  • Payment ID

  • Payment status

  • Details of the client who made the payment

  • Cart content (information about what the client has purchased)

How do I download an invoice for a payment?

  1. Click on the payment you want to download the invoice for.

  2. On the transaction detail page, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Download receipt.

  3. The invoice is saved in PDF format directly to your computer (or other device you are currently using).

TIP: Read this guide if you want to learn more about the POS system.

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