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Introduction of the Reservio Enterprise program
Introduction of the Reservio Enterprise program
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Reservio Enterprise is a premium feature that allows you to manage multiple calendars under a single, master administrator login. It is an ideal solution if your business has multiple branches and you need a separate booking calendar for each of them.

How will Reservio Enterprise affect the Booking Website?

On the Booking Website, there will be a list of all branches. Your customers choose from them and simply create a booking.

Does each branch have to be registered separately?

No. Reservio Enterprise does not require you to have each calendar registered as a separate account. They are all grouped under one common login access. This keeps the management of all your calendars together in one place.

How much does Reservio Enterprise cost?

The price of this account is personalized and depends on the number of calendars and used premium features.

How can I activate Reservio Enterprise?

If you are interested in this program, please contact our Customer Care. They will discuss the necessary details, calculate the resulting price and set up and run Reservio Enterprise for you.

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