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How to manage bookings for multiple locations/addresses in Reservio
How to manage bookings for multiple locations/addresses in Reservio

Managing bookings for two or more addresses

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If your company operates from two or more locations, our scheduling software offers several options for efficient booking management:

1. Separate accounts for each branch

  • To maintain distinct calendars for each branch, you can create separate Reservio accounts for each location. This allows you to manage bookings independently for each branch.

  • Each account should be registered with a specific email address.

2. Managing multiple locations in a single calendar:

  • If you prefer to centralize your booking software and oversee all locations from a single calendar, you can treat each branch as an employee in your calendar.

  • Create a unique employee entry for each branch and define individual opening hours for them. Ensure that the address of each location is included in the employee's name for customer clarity.

    In this manner, when your customers select one of your services (ex. Consultation) on the booking website, during the second step, they will be able to view the staff members who provide that service and the associated addresses.

Note: Keep in mind that since it's still a single Reservio account, email notifications will display the main address of the account.

3. Reservio Enterprise account:

  • For larger companies with complex needs, Reservio offers the Enterprise account solution.

  • This unique account is created manually upon your request and enables you to manage multiple calendars under one account.

  • The pricing for a Reservio Enterprise account is personalized and depends on the number of calendars and premium features utilized. You can learn more about the Enterprise account here.

These options provide the flexibility to tailor your booking management to your specific requirements, whether you have multiple branches or are operating on a larger scale.

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