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How to add and remove users in Reservio Enterprise
How to add and remove users in Reservio Enterprise
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Within Reservio Enterprise, you can add other users to your account and set their rights to individual calendars. You have this option only if you are an administrator of the Reservio Enterprise account.

Adding a user

  1. Open the Manage tab — Users.

  2. In the upper left corner, click on the + New user button.

  3. Fill in all the necessary information.

    • name

    • email address and password (for logging into the account),

    • and user access for each calendar.

    If you check the option that the user is the administrator of this account, they become an administrator in all calendars. It means that they have full access to each calendar.

  4. Finally, confirm the creation of the new user with the Save button.

TIP 1: Do you want to add employees to just one of your work calendars? Follow this guide. But keep in mind that if you create an employee profile in the settings of the selected calendar, they will not have access to the general Reservio Enterprise administration.

Overview of user access and roles

Each Reservio Enterprise account has three default roles that determine what access a user can have:

  • Admin (a user has full access to the calendar and can make any changes there),

  • No access (a user is not able to access this calendar at all),

  • View only (a user can log in to the calendar but does not have the option to make any adjustments or changes).

TIP 2: If you need to modify or add new roles or user access, please contact our Customer Care. They can set, for example, administrator access but without certain powers, you don't want employees to have.

Deleting a user

If you don't want a specific user to be able to log into your Reservio Enterprise interface, you can simply remove them.

  1. Open the Manage tab — Users.

  2. Then click on the user you wish to remove.

  3. Their profile opens.

  4. Confirm your decision by clicking the Delete button in the bottom right. Removed users are no longer able to log in to your account or manage any of your calendars.

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