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How to share an event
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Do you want to share your group event on social networks and attract more clients? Nothing is easier than sharing an event directly from your calendar. You have two options how to do it:

Sharing directly from an event detail

In the Calendar tab, open the specific event you wish to promote. Click on the Share button located in the upper right corner and select one of the following options:

  • Share on Facebook

  • Share on Twitter

  • Share on Google+

Clicking on the selected social network opens a new tab. Make sure you are logged in and add a short comment before sharing the event with your clients.

Alternatively, copy the event link, which you can send to anyone, or make a QR code out of it.

Sharing from the Calendar tab by clicking on the Create new button

When the new window opens, click on the Booking Link button to see all the sharing options. Along with the ability to share a general link to the Booking Website and a link to individual staff profiles, you will also find the option to share an event.

Either you can copy the link that leads to the selected event on your Booking Website, and then send or share it wherever you want. Or you can click the share button to select advanced shared options.

  • You can download a QR code, copy the link, share it directly to social media, or send it through email.

These options are useful especially if your event is marked as private. After that, you are free to choose which clients you want to send the booking link to and which ones you don't (those without this unique link won't be able to make a booking for a private event).

TIP: Do you want to create a private event but don't know where to find this option? Follow this guide to find out how to do it.

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