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How can I share a booking link?
How can I share a booking link?
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When sharing a booking link, you have two options. You can either share the URL of your Booking Website or share the link of individual services and staff.

Sharing the link of your Booking Website

You can find your Booking Website link (URL) under the Marketing tab — Get bookings. Click on it and paste it where you want to place it. You can also download and share QR code leading to your Booking Website.

Check out also our guide for the booking button.

TIP: Upgrade to the Pro plan and effortlessly swap Reservio's logo in your QR code with your own. Just upload your logo, remove Reservio branding, and watch your unique logo shine at the heart of your QR code!

Sharing links of individual services, events, and employees

In the Calendar tab, click on the Share Link button located in the upper left corner. A new page with various sharing options is open.

  1. In the upper part, you will find a button to share the Booking Website.

  2. In the middle part are the individual services or events you offer. You can copy the link that will lead to the selected service or event detail on your Booking Website, and then send or share it wherever you want. Or you can click the Share button to select advanced shared options.

    • If you offer individual services (not group events), you can also add staff to your chosen service. A client who clicks on the link you share will be taken to the service details or, if you choose an employee, directly to the booking process. Thanks to this, they just choose the date and time, and the booking is done.

  3. In the lowest part are individual employees. You can simply copy the link that will lead to their profile on the Booking Website. Or you can click the share button to select advanced shared options.

  • Here you can also add an employee to the service, get a QR code, and share link easily on social media.

Sharing the URL of the booking website in the Reservio Business mobile app

You can find the link to your Booking Website in the Marketing section. Click on Get bookings and share the booking link with your customers.

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