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How to add a booking form to your website
How to add a booking form to your website
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All plans of our booking software allow the integration of your Booking Website with your website via iframe. This integration type allows embedding a preview of your Booking Website on your web. With iframe embedded, your web will include a window displaying the same information as your general Booking Website.

How to use the iframe

When sharing this preview, you have two options. You can either share the window displaying the Booking Website or you can share a window displaying the site of an individual service, event, or staff (on your Booking Website).

Displaying the Booking Website

  1. Open the Marketing tab — Get bookings.

  2. You can start the creation by clicking the Get iframe option.

  3. Edit its size (width and height).

  4. Copy the generated HTML code and insert it into the code of your website (it doesn’t matter if you use WordPress, Wix, or any other content management system). If you are not sure how to do that, please, try to reach out to your website administrator.

Displaying the site of an individual service, event, or staff

The next option is to share a window displaying the selected service, event, or employee.

  1. These links can be found in the Calendar tab by clicking on the Share Link button located in the upper left corner. A new page with various sharing options is open.

  2. Select the individual service, event, or employee that you want to share and click on the Share button to select advanced shared options.

  3. Click on the Get iframe button, edit its size, copy the HTML code, and paste it into your web (you can do this yourself or with the help of your webmaster).

Unable to log in to the client’s account

For security reasons, the iframe window does not offer clients the option to log in to the account directly on your website or to register in the Reservio system - they can do it exclusively on your original Reservio Booking Website.

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