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Guide to Booking Website
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At the beginning of 2023, we introduced a new Booking Website. You don't know what the Booking Website is, how to get it, or how to use or set it up? Read this guide to learn more.

These are websites through which your clients can book the services and events you offer. The Booking Website comes completely free of charge as part of the sign up. Below, you will learn what your clients find on your Booking Website, what you can set up, how you can use it to promote your business, and much more.

What does the Booking Website look like and what clients can find there?

A Booking Website is a complete website for your business. You can customize its design, i.e. the layout of the header or the color theme of the page.

On the Booking Website, clients will find general information about your business, like opening hours or address, as well as an overview and details of your services or events and your employees. Clients can filter services and events using categories, and in addition, when looking for a specific service, event, or employee, they can use the search window to help them find what they want. The most important feature of the Booking Website is the possibility of immediate booking. Clients can book simply and in a few seconds.

What can be set up on the Booking Website?

In addition to the header or the color theme, you can set up other details. You can choose whether you want to show or hide Services or Events, Employees, and the About Us section, or adjust their order. Furthermore, you can easily remove the Reservio branding. If you have clients from abroad, you can customize the language in which they will see the Booking Website.

The settings of services, service categories, and employees are automatically transferred from your scheduling system to your Booking Website. You don't have to think about having to update information twice. To make your Booking Website as interesting as possible for potential clients, be sure to add a photo or image to your services or events as well as to your staff profiles.

You can also set your own domain.

Some of the mentioned features are only available in premium plans.

How to use a Booking Website for business promotion?

You can use the Booking Website to promote your business in several ways:

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