How to add services
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One of the most important parts of a booking system is the settings of services you offer to your clients. You can add new ones under the Business tab — Scheduling Services. For more information about editing or deleting them, click here.

Adding a new service

1. In the overview of services, above the list of already created services, click on the blue button Add new service.

2. Then fill in all the necessary information:

  • the name of the service so that your clients can easily recognize it,

  • you can also divide your services into categories,

  • select a color to distinguish the service in your calendar,

  • next, write a description of the service (your clients will see this description on your Booking Website),

  • in the duration field, set how long the service lasts,

  • an important box follows - Clients can book online (make sure the button is green, otherwise clients would not see this service on your Booking Website),

  • set the price so that clients know in advance how much they will pay for the service,

  • in the next box, assign staff members who provide the service — just click on the edit box,

  • in the last box, you can add a question that clients can answer while booking. This field isn’t mandatory, therefore clients can complete their reservation without filling it out.

3. Once you are satisfied with the service's settings, click the Save button, and your service is ready.

How to add a new service in the Reservio Business app

You can add a new service also via your mobile app. First, click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar and select Services. Then click on the blue Create button, select Add new service, fill in all necessary information, and confirm this new service with Create.

TIP: Do you want to assign the services into categories to make your Booking Website more organized? Click here and find out how to do it.

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