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How to create group events in your calendar
How to create group events in your calendar
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If you have decided to use our calendar for group events, this article will show you how to create them and book a spot for a client. If you have chosen a calendar for individual appointments, click here.

How to create an event

You can create a new event in the Calendar tab by clicking the Create event button in the upper left corner. Alternatively, click on a specific date and time directly in the calendar.

Then, you will see a form where you fill in all the necessary details:

  • Event name — It should be accurate enough to make it clear to the client what kind of event it is.

  • Assign service — Choose the service to which the event relates.

  • Assign staff — This is the staff member that will lead this group event.

  • Time — You can select a specific date and time when the event should take place.

  • Duration — The duration of the event is automatically preset by the length of the assigned service. But you can freely update it in this section.

  • Capacity — It is automatically prefilled according to how it is set in a particular service. Find out more about class capacity.

  • Description — You can add some description, which will be displayed on the Booking Website after clicking on the information icon in the event.

  • Price — The price of the event is again filled in automatically, according to the service settings. Also, in this case, you can change it just for this particular event.

  • Color — Choose a color to distinguish events from each other in the calendar.

  • Repeat — If you provide courses or lessons that are repeated regularly, you do not have to enter them individually in the system. You can simply set the repetition.

  • This event is private — If the course is intended only for a closed group of regular clients, set the event as private. Only those clients to whom you will send a link to create a booking will be able to book it.

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

You can create group events also in your mobile app. Just open the Calendar tab and click on the red plus button. Fill in the necessary details and save it by clicking on the tick in the upper right corner.

How to book a place for a client in a created event

If you have already created your event schedule in the calendar, you are ready for new bookings from your clients. These can be created directly in the calendar or through your Booking Website.

A booking for the client can be created very easily and quickly:

  • Click on a specific event and fill in the client’s name, email address, and phone number.

  • At the same time, you can choose whether to book just one or more spots.

  • By clicking on the Add button, you will confirm the creation of the booking.

  • It will be immediately reflected on the Booking Website, where the number of remaining spots in the given event is updated.

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