Class capacity

How many people will be able to book

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Setting class capacity is important if you provide services for multiple people on the same date. By setting up appropriately, you can avoid having more people come to your class than you are prepared for.

Class capacity settings

When creating individual classes, you can set the capacity of the class, i.e. how many people can book the class.

Setting of class capacity can be found in the settings of individual class in the section BusinessSchedulingClasses — selected class for which you want to set the capacity. The capacity setting can then be found in the second section of settings. Click on the drop-down list under “Capacity” and select the value of your choice.

How many spots can a client book?

In the Booking rules settings, you can set the number of bookings a client can create for a class. That means, how many seats a client can book for themselves, their friends, etc.

You can find the setting in BusinessSchedulingBooking rules in the second section called Spots limit. Click on the drop-down list under “At most” and select a custom value from 1 to 100 spots.

Be sure to save all changes. 😊

Where to find these settings in the Reservio Business app

Simply set the class capacity in the Reservio Business mobile app when creating a new class.

How many spots people can book for your class can be set along with the other booking rules. Just click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar. All booking rules are located in the Scheduling section.

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