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How to allow multiple clients to book the same time slot
How to allow multiple clients to book the same time slot

Enabling multiple clients to book the same time slot

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Reservio offers flexibility for different types of bookings, whether you want multiple clients to book a shared time slot or prefer individual appointments. In this article, we'll guide you on how to enable multiple clients to book the same time slot and manage it efficiently.

Check Your Calendar Type

The first step is to ensure that you have selected the correct calendar type during your registration. Here's how to check:

  1. Click into your calendar.

  2. If you can create an event, it means you have the calendar for events activated. If, on the other hand, you are asked to fill in a client's name right away, you are using the calendar for individual appointments.

For Calendar Type: Individual Appointments

If you're using the calendar for individual appointments, typically for services like massages or haircuts, keep in mind that the number of clients who can book the same time slot simultaneously depends on the number of staff members available at that time.

In order to allow multiple clients to book the same time slot, follow these steps:

  1. Add Another Staff Member: Start by adding a new staff member to your Reservio account. Detailed instructions can be found in this guide.

  2. Assign Services: After adding the new staff member, assign them the services (section Business -> Scheduling -> Staff -> Assigned services) that can be offered to multiple clients simultaneously.

For Calendar Type: Group Events

If you use the calendar for group events, suitable for organizing activities like language lessons, gym classes, and other group-based events, you can create an event and limit the number of participants. This way, you can manage the bookings effectively, ensuring you have the right number of participants for each event.

  1. Access the event within the Calendar by clicking on it and then select the "Edit" option.

  2. Edit the capacity:

  3. Once changes are complete, click 'Save'

Correcting Calendar Type

If you find that you've chosen the incorrect calendar type, don't worry; there are ways to adjust it:

  1. Contact Customer Care

    Get in touch with our Customer Care team, and they will assist you in changing your calendar type to suit your needs.

  2. Create a new account
    Alternatively, you can delete the existing account and create a new one during registration. Make sure to select the correct calendar type that aligns with your services. This is a helpful option if you want to completely reset your account's settings and start anew.

Deleting your existing account and creating a new one can be particularly useful if you prefer a fresh start with the correct calendar type, ensuring that your scheduling experience aligns perfectly with your business needs.

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