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Time slots for bookings

Set up specific time slots for bookings with unchanged opening hours

Updated this week

If you need to modify a specific time for which clients can book with you without changing business opening hours, just adjust the staff member's working hours (yours). Your clients will see the opening hours of your business on the Booking Website and when they choose an employee, available times will open up.

Specific time slots can be set up in the individual staff member's settings using custom booking hours.

Don’t forget to save the changes! 🙂

How to manage the schedule for particular days?

Your employee is taking a vacation or won’t be able on one specific day, or even only on a certain part of that day? You can also set the working hours just for these specific hours or days. Just open your Calendar, in the Staff section select a staff member, click on the small blue arrow, and select Manage schedule.

There you can simply change the working hours on a particular day:

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

You can easily manage your employees' working hours for a particular day by clicking on the Calendar icon in the top right corner. There you will see the time options of individual employees for specific days, which you can easily change. Editing the employee's working hours for all days at once in the mobile application is not unfortunately possible for now.

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