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Booking time limits

Booking time setting - the earliest and the latest time when clients can book

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The basic rule for setting up bookings is the earliest and the latest time when clients can book your services:

  1. You can set the earliest possible time for creating new bookings — it can be up to a year in advance (the earliest possible time needs to be a higher number than the next one — No later than).

  2. No later than defines the time when clients can book the service at the latest. Just select the desired time — from one hour to 60 days.

By setting these times correctly, you can avoid running out of the limited number of bookings for your plan or avoid no-shown clients because they created the booking a long time ago.

What do the booking time limits mean?

Let's see how the booking rule works in practice:

  • The business has set the earliest possible booking to 1 month ➡️ Customers can only choose an available date within 1 month from the moment they create the booking.

  • The business has set No later than 1 hour ➡️ Customers can book a service with a date as soon as 1 hour from the moment they place the booking.

Before setting the booking time limits, consider the following questions:

  • After what time do customers usually book my services again?

  • Do I need some time to prepare before providing the service?

  • Is it a common reason that customers don't show up because they made the reservation a long time ago?

  • Does the limit of bookings in my plan suit my business so people can book well in advance?

How can you set the time limits for bookings?

In the Business SchedulingBooking rules section, pay attention to the very first item. Click on the drop-down under “No sooner than” and select a custom value from 1 to 360 days. Similarly, select a value between 5 minutes and 60 days for the “No later than”.

Don't forget to save changes! 😊

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

The Booking time limits setting can be found in one place along with the other booking rules. Just click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar. The Booking rules are located in the Scheduling section where you can set this rule.

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