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How is the booking limit counted
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Each of our available premium plans has a pre-set limit of bookings that you and your clients can create. This limit includes bookings created during the period of the last 30 days.

Updating the number of bookings

The booking limit applies to the last 30 days, not the calendar month! For this reason, the remaining number of bookings changes every day. So keep in mind that the counter does not reset or refresh only at the beginning of the month.

  • For example, if on September 16, the counter shows a total of 50 bookings, it means they were created in your calendar during the period between August 17 - September 16.

  • On the next day, i.e. September 17, the system deducts the bookings created on August 17 (because they no longer fall within the last 30 days) and will only include those created since August 18.

Note that if you cancel a booking after its scheduled date, the booking will be still included in the monthly limit.

What is the maximum number of bookings in premium plans?

Booking limits are based on the premium plan currently used:

  • Free — 40 bookings per 30 days.

  • Pro-trial — 40 bookings per 30 days. (This is a plan that all new Reservio users get for free for the first 14 days to try out all the features included in the Pro plan. The only difference between this trial and the real Pro plan is the limit of bookings.)

  • Starter — 200 bookings per 30 days.

  • Standard — 500 bookings per 30 days.

  • Pro — unlimited bookings.

Where can I find how many bookings I can make?

You can see the current status of the number of your bookings in the Calendar tab at the bottom of the left panel.

As you approach your booking limit, the thermometer above the booking indicator will change from green to orange and finally to red. As soon as you reach the limit, we will notify you and offer to switch to a higher premium plan.

What happens if I reach my booking limit?

The limit includes both bookings created by you directly in the booking calendar and bookings created by clients via the Booking Website. When the maximum number of bookings is reached in one way or the other, a situation arises that you and your clients will see differently:

  • Creating additional bookings in the system — If you reach the booking limit, the system will not allow you to create additional bookings through your booking calendar. You can either wait for the limit to be released by daily recalculation or you can upgrade to a higher plan that includes a higher maximum number of bookings.

  • Creating additional bookings via the Booking Website — Your clients will be able to create additional bookings via your Booking Website even if you have reached your booking limit. But there's a catch. You will receive the booking in the calendar, but only in a limited way. You'll only see the service for which the booking was accepted, but you won't see the client's name or contact details, or other information. For this reason, we recommend updating your plan when bookings are about to run out.

The only exception is for the Pro-trial plan. If you reach the limit of 40 bookings, no further bookings can be made. In this case, it doesn't matter if the booking is made in the system or via the Booking Website. If you want to continue to receive new bookings without any problems, we recommend purchasing one of the premium plans.

Increasing the booking limit by purchasing a higher premium plan

If you decide to upgrade your premium plan, please note that the counter does not reset, only the maximum number of bookings increases.

In case you have used up 40 bookings from the Free plan and upgraded to the Starter plan, the original 40 bookings will still count towards the total limit. Since in the Starter plan the limit is set at 200 bookings, you will be able to create or accept 160 additional bookings from clients.

How to ensure that the number of bookings doesn't run out too quickly?

If you don't want to receive new bookings too far in advance (due to bookings running out quickly), we recommend checking the settings for how far in advance clients can book. You can set it in the Business tab — Scheduling — Booking rules — Booking time limit.

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