How to edit opening hours
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The general opening hours settings in your account determine the exact range within which your clients will be able to make their bookings.

This can be found in the Business My business — Business details, scroll down and you will see the Opening hours.

These times can be adjusted as you wish. This information will be reflected directly on your Booking Website so that your clients also have an overview of when it is possible to make a reservation in your calendar. You can adjust the opening hours in the same way as you have set them during registration:

  1. Click on Edit

  2. Select the specific days for which this time range applies (you can add new days, or remove them easily)

  3. Choose your opening hours, using the From and To fields. Once the opening hours are set for the selected days, don’t forget to click Done

If you use our calendar for group events, you can set the opening hours in this section too, but this information will only serve as a reference for the client. In the group calendar, you always schedule your events at specific times, and only at these times can customers book your events. In other words, the opening hours are not limiting when you can create an event.

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

Opening hours can be found in one place along with the other information about your business:

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar and select Profile.

  2. Scroll down and there you can see your Opening hours.

  3. You can edit them by clicking on the pen on the right side.

How to edit booking hours for your staff members

If the booking hours of your staff members don’t match your general opening hours, you can customize them for each staff member separately. Here you can find a guide on how to do that.

How to manage the schedule for particular days

Is your employee taking a vacation or won’t be able to work on one specific day, or even only for a certain part of that day? You can easily change booking hours just for these specific hours or days. Find out how to do that.

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