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How to use the Reservio Business app
How to use the Reservio Business app
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Download a Reservio Business mobile application to your phone or tablet for free and keep your business under control at all times. Enjoy managing your bookings, accessing the client database, and changing settings anytime and anywhere.

Download and log in

First, download the Reservio Business mobile application from the App Store (if you have a device with the iOS operating system) or Google Play (if you have a device with the Android operating system). Then create an account for your business (you can do it in the web version or the mobile application) or log into the existing account if you already have one.


After logging in, you will automatically see your work calendar. Here you can scroll through days, weeks, and individual bookings. If you want to create a new booking or event (depending on your calendar type), click the red plus button.

Available time slots for bookings and their adjustment

To check at what times your staff members can receive new bookings, open the Calendar tab and click on the calendar icon with a pen in the upper right corner. Here you can choose a day, for which you will see a list of staff members with their available opening hours. You can easily edit them by clicking on the staff member's name. In the next step, choose from Default (employee opening hours = opening hours of your business), Closed (employee is off on the given day), or Custom (any time range). Don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the tick in the upper right corner.

Filter bookings by services or staff

If you want to display bookings only for a certain service or a selected staff, open the Calendar tab and click on the filter icon in the upper right corner. In the next step, choose which services you want to display in the calendar or for which staff members.


The second icon from the left on the bottom bar is the Contacts tab. Here you have an overview of all your clients. You can create a new client profile by clicking on the red plus button. If you want to see the client's details, click on their name. There you can also change their details or delete the entire client profile.


The middle icon on the bottom bar is the Marketing tab. Here you can customize your Booking Website or discover options to get new bookings.


The second icon from the right on the bottom bar is the Notifications tab. The number in the red circle next to the icon indicates how many new bookings awaiting your approval you have. If you don't see a number, you have all caught up.


At the far right of the bottom bar, there is a cogwheel icon that symbolizes Settings.

  • On the first part of the page, you have information about your Business — where you can manage your business Profile or Policies.

  • The second part is about Scheduling — you can set up your Services, Staff, Booking rules, and Holidays.

  • Next is the section related to your Profile — under My Profile you will find basic information, and in the App settings you can change, for example, the date, time, language, or currency.

  • The last section Other, is dedicated to the Loyalty program — you can manage your passes there.

  • Below the line separating the main section, you will find Help, Support, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and among others, the option to Log out.

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