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How to book multiple spots for a group event
How to book multiple spots for a group event
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If the business uses the calendar for group events, it is possible to reserve spots for multiple people at the same time. You can make a reservation for multiple people via the Booking Website of the selected business.

  1. Open the Booking Website of the selected business and choose the event you want to book. Click on Show details on the event page and check that there are enough free spots, both for you and your companion. If there is enough capacity, click on the blue Book Now button.

  2. In the next step of the booking, specify the number of spots you want to book (you can adjust the number by clicking the minus or plus button). In the summary, check that the total price has also been adjusted correctly. If everything is fine, click on the blue Continue button.

  3. Then choose whether you want to log in via an existing Reservio account or if you want to continue without logging in, i.e. as a guest.

  4. Next, you can edit or fill in Personal information (it depends on whether you are logged in or not) and choose a Payment option (if you have purchased a pass from the company, you can use it right here). You will also see the Cancellation policy and Summary in this step. In addition, you can write a Booking note. When you have filled in all the necessary information and checked that the booking details are correct, all you have to do is Confirm the booking with the blue button.

  5. After confirming the creation of the booking, you will see a booking summary and booking confirmation.

There are no more available seats for the event

It may happen that all free spots may be already booked (the event box will then be gray in the calendar). In this case, you can't make a reservation for this event - unfortunately, it is not even possible to register as a substitute.

I can't see group events and the number of free spots in the booking calendar

When you see the option to select a specific service and then the option to choose the exact time of the reservation, the business allows reservations only for individuals. In this case, you will not make a reservation for multiple people at the same time for the selected service. You must make a separate reservation for each person.

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