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How to set up a custom domain
How to set up a custom domain
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Do you want to set up your domain for your Booking Website? If you have subscribed Standard or Pro plan, you can change the URL address with the domain included. By default, the Booking Website is running on the domain, but this feature allows you to move your Booking Website to the domain of your choice. Thanks to that, the name of our booking system does not appear in its name.

Here's how to set it up:

  • In the settings of your domain, you plan to use, enter the CNAME in the DNS record exactly in the form of “”. Do not fill in the URL of your Booking Website on the Reservio domain, but copy this above-mentioned address exactly.

Make sure to note that the custom domain you choose must be a third-level subdomain, such as "," for the setup to work properly. Using only the second-level domain ("") will not be effective in redirecting to your Booking Website.

  • Once you've filled in the CNAME correctly, enable the custom domain in the Marketing tab — Settings. By enabling the option of Custom domain, you will be able to fill in the domain name, you have prepared.

  • These changes will be available within 24 hours of setup.

Remember: At the moment of setting up online payments, the custom domain ceases to operate, as a security measure requires payments to be processed on the portal. Additionally, it's important to note that online payments are currently only available in the Czech Republic.

If you have an Enterprise solution, keep in mind that setting a custom domain applies to all calendars or none. You cannot set a custom domain only for specific calendars. The custom domain is configured on the main Booking Webpage, where customers select between branches. Each branch (calendar) then has its booking page created by adding "/nameofcalendar" after the URL of the main Booking Webpage.

TIP: If you want to change the URL of the Booking Website but want to remain on the domain, feel free to contact our Customer Care (you won't find this change option in your account, but only we can do it).

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