How to set up booking rules
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One important thing you need to set up right at the beginning is specific conditions for online booking.

You can find them in the Business tab — SchedulingBooking rules.

The Booking rules page is divided into several sections:

1. Online booking

  • Booking time limits — Set how far in advance can your clients book a service. You can set the earliest and the latest possible time for creating new bookings.

  • Booking frequency — Specify the time interval between bookings that appears on the Booking Website. Set the time intervals at which the available booking slot will display to your clients.

  • Booking permissions — Set which clients can make a booking. You can choose from the categories: Everyone, Existing clients, Clients with a pass, New clients and clients with a pass, Signed up clients.

  • Manual booking approval — Decide whether you want to approve each new booking manually or if the system does it for you automatically. For manual approvals, the toggle button must be green.

2. Cancellation — Set how far in advance your clients can cancel their bookings. Apart from the specific time range, there is a possibility to pick: Never or Anytime.

3. Reminders — Set whether the client receives a reminder notification before the appointment or not, along with how far in advance this reminder is sent. This setting is especially useful for bookings planned in advance — a message can ensure that the client does not forget about it.

Finally, remember to Save changes.

How to set up booking rules in the Reservio Business app

You can set all the reservation rules described above in the mobile app, too. Just click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar and select Booking rules from the Scheduling section.

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