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How to set up policies
How to set up policies
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If you need to set your policies, for example, to create a Privacy policy or Terms and conditions, you can add them in Marketing Policies.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy

You can create your Terms & Conditions and your Privacy policy that clients would have to accept when making a booking with you. To add the text, click on Create, and then use the editor to paste or type the text. When you are finished, don't forget to save your changes by clicking on Done.

Data retention

If you need to comply with any local data privacy rules, the next section allows you to choose how long to keep the client’s data. Use the drop-down menu to select when the data will be auto-deleted. There are a few options ranging from Never to After 1 year. You can also set a custom value.

Marketing advertisement

Reservio offers the option to ask your clients for permission to send promotional or marketing messages. Read more about marketing advertisement.

Where to find these settings in Reservio Business app

You can find all the Policies settings under the Settings button next to the Profile tab.

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