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How to set up a marketing advertisement
How to set up a marketing advertisement

How to set up approval for sending marketing notifications, exporting client contacts, sending offers and newsletters.

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Reservio offers you the option to ask your clients for permission to send promotional or marketing messages. This is particularly interesting in cases when you want to promote a new service, or, for example, when launching an event.

This can be found in the Marketing tab — Policies section, where you will see at the bottom the part Marketing advertisement.

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

Marketing announcements and other policies you can find also in your mobile app. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar and select Policies. Scroll down and there you can see Marketing announcements.

When this option is active, your clients will be asked upon creating a booking, if they want to receive messages such as coupons, promotions, etc. To give you an idea, the message looks like this:

TIP 1: How do I know if a client is interested and has ticked this box?

Once a client ticks the box, it will also show on that client’s card, meaning that there will be “Yes” next to the Marketing notifications. This can be easily checked on the Clients tab.

TIP 2: How can I start sending promotional content?

At any moment you might export your client list (check how to do it here, you can find it in the Clients section — Export of clients and their information), and with the help of your favorite marketing tool, always outside Reservio, start sending newsletters or promotions.

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