How to add a new client
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New customers have started coming to your business, and you want to note which service they used or save their email to send them marketing notifications? There is nothing easier than creating a new client profile, where you note all the necessary information.

Open the Clients and click on the New Client button.

A simple form appears that you fill out. Remember that the more accurate information you enter, the better you adapt your services to the client's requirements.

  • Apart from the name, email, telephone, address, and gender of the client, you can also fill in the birthday date. Just click on the drop-down list and select the correct day and month (due to privacy policies, it is not possible to enter the entire date of birth, including the year).

  • You can also add a specific note — for example, special requirements or favorite hair color.

  • After filling in all the essential information, you can confirm (by ticking the box) whether the client has accepted your privacy policy and whether the client would like to receive marketing announcements.

Finally, don't forget to Save it.

Where can I find this setting in the Reservio Business app

You can create a new client profile also in your mobile app. Just open the Contacts tab and click on the red plus button. Fill in the necessary details and save it by clicking on the tick in the upper right corner.

A new client's profile is also created in your database when the system records their first booking through your Booking Website. The profile is created regardless of the author of the reservation.

TIP 1: Do you already have a list of clients, and it would take you too long to transcribe them into the booking system manually? Use the import clients feature and save time.

TIP 2: If you are interested in how to edit a client's information, or delete the selected client from your database, click here.

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