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How to edit or delete a client profile
How to edit or delete a client profile
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Do you want to add some information about the client, write a note about them or delete their profile? Click on the Clients tab and select a specific client whose profile you want to manage.

Editing a client profile

After clicking on the selected client, a page with their details will open. For editing, either click Add email, Add phone number, or the cogwheel icon and choose Edit client.

Then, you will see the Edit client page, where you can easily edit or fill in any client details. Don't forget to confirm all changes by clicking the Save button.

Deleting a client profile

Under the cogwheel icon, you will also find the Delete option. Click on that if you want to delete this client from your database. It can be useful when this client no longer visits you.

However, if you delete a client that still has valid bookings in your calendar, the system will no longer be able to assign them correctly. In this case, their bookings will be displayed in the calendar as anonymized.

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

You can also edit and delete client profiles in your mobile app. Just click on the Clients icon in the bottom bar and choose the selected client whose profile you want to manage. If you want to delete this profile, click on the trash can. If you need to edit it, click on the pen in the upper right corner. An edit page will open, there you can add or edit the required information. Finally, don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the tick in the upper right corner.

Client details cannot be changed

If the client is signed up (i.e. a client with their own Reservio account), the system will not allow you to edit their contact information. The client can only edit them by themself in his profile.

A little blue icon next to the client's name

If you use the Passes feature and you assign one of them to a selected client, you can easily recognize it in the overview of all clients. A blue icon will appear next to the name of the client to whom you assigned the pass. Thanks to that, you can easily navigate between clients. If you want to know more about passes and the loyalty program, click here.

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