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How to import clients
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Do you already have a list of clients, and it would take you a long time to transcribe them into the booking system manually? Use the Import clients feature and save time. Alternatively, find out more ways how to add a new client.

To import the data, open the Clients tab and click on the CSV button under the Import clients heading on the left column.

There, you can insert the CSV file saved on your computer. Finally, don't forget to confirm uploading clients with the Import button.

Required CSV file format

You can export the CSV file from a former booking system (if it offers this option) or create it in Excel. But make sure that you create a new column for each client's information in the following order:

  1. name and surname (name),

  2. email (email),

  3. phone (phone).

The column name, i.e., the first row of the table, must contain the applicable term (as is shown above in brackets). That is the only way to ensure that the system reads the data correctly and writes it into your new client database.

TIP: Do you want to create a data summary that you can check at any time outside your Reservio booking system? Find out more about the feature export and print data.

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