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How to set up SMS and email notifications for staff and admin
How to set up SMS and email notifications for staff and admin
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Do you want to stay tuned and know everything about your bookings? Set up notifications for you and for your employees and receive informative messages.

Notifications for admin

There are two ways to access the notification settings that are sent to you, as the administrator. You can use the first one if you currently have the Calendar tab open. In the upper right corner, under your profile icon, click on the cogwheel and choose Settings.

The second way is through your profile icon in the upper right corner. Choose User profile & settingsNotifications SMS & email notifications.

There you can manage the sending of notifications for the following situations:

  • When a booking is confirmed — The system informs you about each new booking made by the client.

  • When a booking is canceled — Informs you when the client cancels his booking.

  • When a booking is awaiting confirmation — This type of notification is sent only if you approve all bookings in the system manually. In this case, you will first receive this information message, and only after your approval is the client's booking valid.

  • News, tips, and tricks — get the latest information about updates, new features, and tips for the most efficient use of Reservio. If you are interested in these messages, select the Email option.

After clicking on the arrow to the right of the selected category, you can choose whether you want to receive the notification (or not) and in what form. You can choose:

  • None (i.e., do not receive notifications),

  • only Email,

  • only SMS,

  • or a combination of Email + SMS.

The only exception is the News, tips, and tricks category, where you can only choose between None and Email.

If you have used up all your prepaid SMS, you'll see a dark blue bar with Buy Again and Learn More buttons at the top of your notification settings. Clicking Buy Again will take you directly to your SMS package selection. Find more information about options for purchasing an SMS package.

Notifications for staff members

You can set up notifications also for your employees. Open the Business tab — Scheduling Staff and select the specific employee for whom you want to set the notifications.

In the details of the staff member's profile, simply tick the option to Notify staff members about appointments via email.

TIP: Send reminders to clients as well, and reduce the risk of them forgetting about the booking. You can also add own text to the messages, which you can use to remind clients, for example, of what they should take with them.

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