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How to manually confirm and reject bookings
How to manually confirm and reject bookings
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Suppose you have decided to confirm new bookings in the settings manually. In that case, there are several ways you can receive information about a new booking (with automatic approval, the event will only appear in the calendar).

  • New bookings awaiting confirmation appear directly in the Calendar tab.

  • A notification about a new booking request also appears above your booking calendar.

  • A hatched field with the client's name and the color of the service the client selected appears in the calendar on the given date.

  • Of course, you also receive an email or SMS (SMS are available only for admin) notifying you of a new request.

You can either confirm or reject a new booking in your calendar. To open this new booking, click directly on it in the calendar or on the notification of a new booking request. Then a booking window with the following information appears:

  • name and contact details of the client,

  • date of booking,

  • booked service,

  • the preferred staff member.

If the client did not select a specific employee when booking, it is necessary to assign them in this window. Just click on the Not assigned in the Who? section and select the employee from the drop-down menu.

At the end of the table, you can see two buttons. Click one of them, depending on whether you want to Confirm or Reject the booking. You can also Add a message, which is sent to the client, explaining the reason for your decision.

Confirming and rejecting in the calendar for group events

Booking confirmation works similarly in the calendar for group events. You see several new bookings next to the calendar tab, a notification above your calendar, and the event the client selected turns into a hatched field.

After clicking on a new booking request, a specific event with details of the request displays in a new window. In the single line, it shows the name, the number of how many spots the client requested, and the client's contact details. You can either Confirm or Reject the booking.

How to confirm and reject bookings in the Reservio Business app

You can also confirm and reject bookings in your mobile app. The number of new bookings is displayed next to the Notification icon. Open the Notification tab and Confirm or Reject selected booking requests.

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