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How to customize Booking Website
How to customize Booking Website
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Reservio allows you to design the look of your Booking Website. You can customize the appearance of the individual sections as well as the color scheme and header layout.

In the Free and Starter plans, you can control only which sections are visible. Standard and Pro plans allow you to customize the header layout and color settings. So if you like the customization feature and you are currently using the Starter or Free plan, feel free to upgrade to a higher version.

You can find the customization options for Booking Website under the Marketing tab — Design.

In case you decide to activate online payments, your Booking Website will be redirected to our portal, where such customization can no longer be made. Additionally, it's important to note that online payments are currently only available in the Czech Republic.

Header layout

In the first part, you can choose the layout of business information and cover photo for your Booking Website. You can choose from several preset designs.

Color theme

In the second part, you can easily change the colors of your Booking Website. You can choose the color theme according to your preferences or match it with your brand colors to make your brand stand out even more.

  • You can choose from offered color themes or add your own brand color by clicking on the plus button under the title add your brand color.

  • Using the slider or filling out the color code, you can precisely set your brand color.

  • When you are satisfied with the color, confirm it by clicking on Use color.

Section visibility

In the next part, you can manage the sections that your customers will see on the Booking Website and their orders. Sections to choose from are: Services, Events, Staff, Reviews, and About us. If you don't see one of these sections, e.g. the "Services" section, it's probably because you don't have any services set up for your business. Or you don't see "Employees" because you don't have more than one employee. Or the "Reviews" section is not shown, because you don't have reviews yet, etc.

Hiding sections

  • If you want to hide a section, click on the eye icon located to the right of the section name. When the eye is crossed out, the group is hidden, and vice versa.

  • If you hide a service or event section, it will not be visible on the Booking Website, and customers will not be able to make bookings.

  • If you hide the staff section, customers will not see them, and they will not be able to choose from your staff when booking a service. When creating a booking, the Anyone available option is automatically selected, and then you will have to assign an employee manually.

  • Note that it is possible to hide all services at once or none at all, same with employees – it is not possible to hide just one service or just one employee.

Editing order

  • In case you need to adjust the order of the sections, click and hold the dots that are to the left of the name of the section and simply drag it up or down.

Finally, don't forget to confirm all changes by clicking the Save changes button.

Removing Reservio branding

The last part of the Design section is dedicated to Reservio ads, which you can easily hide on your Booking Website. If you want to find out more about it, follow this tutorial.

TIP: Do you have clients from abroad and want to change the language of your Booking Website? No problem! Click here and find out how to do it.

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