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How to use Reservio internally
Updated this week

If you plan to use Reservio as an internal system without accepting online reservations from customers, there are a couple of methods to achieve this:

  1. Hide the Service section: You can hide the Service section on your Booking Website. By doing this, your clients won't see your services online, and therefore won't be able to make bookings.

  2. Disable online booking for services: Alternatively, you can disable online booking for individual services in their settings. This will also make these services invisible on the Booking Website, preventing online bookings.

If you want your services to be displayed on your Booking Website but not available for booking, follow these steps:

  1. Assign employees to services: It's essential to have an employee assigned to each service.

  2. Close employee working hours: Now, close the working hours for the assigned employee. This action will make the service visible on the booking website but not bookable.

By configuring your account in either of these ways, only you, from your account, will have the ability to manage and create bookings.

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