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Account settings
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Do you need to change your password, language, or time zone of the system or set a notification? You can find all these settings by clicking on your profile icon in the upper right corner and selecting the option User profile & settings.

User profile

You can set the following details on the User profile page:

  • Profile picture — To add a profile picture, click on the camera icon and upload a picture of your choice.

  • Profile name — Click on the line with your name and change it. But remember that this is the name of your account and not the name of the company (find out more about changing the company name).

  • Email — You can't change your email in the account settings. If you need to change your email address, contact our Customer Care team, who will be happy to help you.

  • Password — Click on the Change password button, fill in your current password, and then the new one, which you will use the next time you log in to your account.

How to edit a user profile in the Reservio Business app

You can also change the profile picture, name, and password via your mobile app. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar and select My profile. You can add a profile picture by clicking on the camera icon. You can change your name and password by clicking on the pencil icon on the right side of the page in the appropriate line.

App settings — Date & time, Language & currency

In this section you can set the following:

  1. Date & time settings:

    • The time zone is set automatically according to your business address.

    • In the three following fields, you can set the date and time display.

    • You can choose the time and date format or decide whether the week in your calendar starts on Monday or Sunday.

  2. Language & currency:

    • In the first line, you can specify the default system language. Remember that you set the language for the interface that you, as an administrator, will use directly.

    • Check this guide if you want to change the language for your Booking Website.

    • You will also find the option to select a specific currency. This is the currency your clients see in the prices of your services.

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

You can change the date & time as well as the language & currency also via your mobile app. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar and select App settings. At the top of the page, you will find the date & time settings, and when you scroll down you will find the system language & currency settings. You can edit all data by clicking on the pen icon at the right side of the page in the appropriate line.


In the last section, you can manage Notifications that the system sends to you, as an administrator, or to your employees. Each row represents one of the situations when you can receive notifications:

  • when a booking is confirmed,

  • when a booking is canceled,

  • when a booking is awaiting confirmation,

  • news, tips, and tricks.

In the menu under the name of the situation, choose whether you want to receive notifications and, if applicable, in what form. Not sure exactly what these situations represent? Click here to read more about notifications.

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