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Is it possible to connect Reservio with Sklik?
Is it possible to connect Reservio with Sklik?
Updated this week

Yes! You can connect Reservio to the Sklik analytics tool very easily! With Sklik you can measure the number of bookings created. This tool is from the Czech company Seznam, so you will use this option especially if you are doing business in the Czech Republic.

Generally, analytics are included in the Standard or Pro premium plans. If you want to use this feature and you use the Free or Starter plan, you need to upgrade to one of the higher plans (Standard or Pro).

You can set up Sklik in the Marketing tab — Settings. Just enter your Sklik ID in the appropriate field and save. You can manage other settings, such as what and how you want to measure, directly in the selected tool.

Do you use Google Analytics or Meta Pixel in addition to Sklik? You can easily connect these analytics tools too. But if you're just getting started with customer behavior monitoring, read this guide to learn how these analytics tools work.

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