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How to set a time zone or time format
How to set a time zone or time format
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Do you need to adapt your calendar for your foreign clientele? There is nothing easier than setting the accurate time zone, time format, or day on which the week starts in your booking calendar.

Find the date and time settings under your profile icon in the upper right corner. Choose User profile & settings - App settings.

  • For Time zone editing, click on the drop-down list with automatically set time zones. Select the time zone that you want to apply to your Booking Website. When a customer from a different time zone visits your Booking Website, they will see the calendar adjusted to their time zone as well as a notice that the booking times are in a different time zone. Therefore, you won't need to worry about miscommunication.

  • In the Date format, you can pick the style in which the dates are shown on your Booking Website. You can choose to start with a day, month, or year.

  • In the Time format, you set whether you want to use the 24-hour or the 12-hour (AM/PM) format. It depends only on your preferences.

  • The last option is setting the day on which a week starts. You can choose between Sunday and Monday. Again, it mainly depends on the habits of your clients.

In the end, remember to save your settings.

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