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How to make services unavailable

Keep your old services for existing bookings but hide them from new bookings.

Updated this week

The following solution allows you to handle services that are no longer available, protecting your reservations, and keeping your booking software organized. It's a simple way to adapt to changes in your services without causing problems in your reservation system.

Now, only one step is needed:

  1. Disable online bookings: If a service is no longer available, you can hide it from your Booking Website. This means new clients won't see or book it. It's a way to prevent more bookings of this service.

This way, any existing reservations with the service will remain as they are. Your old data and booking history stay safe.

Once all reservations with the outdated service are completed, you can safely delete it.

Warning: Deleting a service will also remove it from associated reservations.

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