Admin Notifications Not Working?

What to check when admin notifications aren't coming through?

Updated over a week ago

If admin notifications aren't coming through, here's a quick guide to fix the issue:

1. Check Notification Settings

At first, it is good to check if you have admin notifications enabled.

  • Click your profile icon in the upper right corner. Access User Profile & Settings:

  • Go to Notifications:

  • Turn on required alerts:

2. Verify Contact Info

If you have admin notifications enabled in the settings, check that your contact information are correctly entered in your account.

Go to the Business tab. Select My Business and click Business Details. Ensure your email/phone info is correct:

3. Check Spam/Blocked Lists

Check your spam folder for Reservio emails. Make sure your email provider didn't block our notifications.

Mark Reservio emails as "Not Spam."

If issues persist, reach out our customer support for further assistance.

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