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Difference between Class, Category, and Event
Difference between Class, Category, and Event

Class, category, event. Terms

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If you're using calendar for group events, you'll encounter three key terms in your account: category, class, and event. Let's break down the differences between them to help you manage your scheduling effectively.

  1. Category: Categories are created in the "Business - Scheduling - Classes" section. They serve as a way to organize various types of classes or services that your company offers. If your business provides multiple types of classes or services, categories help you neatly group them.

  2. Class: Classes represent the individual types of services your company provides. You can customize each class by setting its length, capacity, price, and other relevant information. When you create an event, assigning a class to it simplifies the setup process. The settings saved in the designated class will automatically be applied to the event, saving you time and ensuring consistency in your offerings.

  3. Event: Events are created in the "Calendar" section and are what your clients see on your booking page.

In summary, categories help you group and organize various types of services, classes define the specifics of each service, and events represent the time slots that clients can book. By using these terms effectively, you can streamline your scheduling.

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