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How does the indexing of the Booking Website work?
How does the indexing of the Booking Website work?
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You don't want your Booking Website to appear in search results on Google or any other search engine? You can disable their indexing. This causes them to be removed from the search engine results.

What is website indexing and how does it work in practice?

Website indexing means that search engine robots can crawl a page, see what potential visitors find there, and store it in a database. At this point, the page is indexed and search engines can display it in search results.

In practice, the way it works is that a potential customer types "women's haircut in London" into Google, for example. If you are from London, offer this service, and have it on an indexed Booking Website, the search engine may show it to the client in the search results. So if you have a properly formulated service offer and an indexed website, you can attract new customers this way.

How do I turn off the indexing of booking websites?

If for some reason you don't want your booking website to appear in search results, you can simply turn off indexing.

  1. Open the Marketing tab Settings.

  2. Scroll down a bit and click on the green radio button next to the Index Booking Website.

  3. If the button is grey instead of green, your Booking Website is no longer indexed and therefore will not appear in search engine results.

TIP: Keep in mind that even though you turn off indexing, your Booking Website will be public and you can still use and share it with your clients.

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