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How to set up custom booking hours for a service
How to set up custom booking hours for a service
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If your business offers a service with unique opening hours that differ from your standard opening hours, Reservio allows you to easily customize booking hours for that service. It's important to note that the availability of a service is dependent on the availability of the respective employee.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Create a staff member: Start by creating a staff member who will be responsible for providing the service with unique opening hours. Let's call this staff member "Kate."

  2. Assign the service to the staff member: After creating Kate, assign the specific service that has different opening hours to her. For example, let's use "Haircut" as the service with unique hours.

  3. Configure working hours for the staff member: Now, configure the working hours for Kate based on the unique opening hours you want for the "Haircut" service. Adjust the days and times when Kate is available to provide this service.

  4. Service availability: Once you've set up Kate's working hours for the "Haircut" service, the service will only be available for booking during those specific working hours. Customers can book "Haircut" appointments with Kate exclusively during her designated working hours.

A word of caution: unintentional double bookings can occur if staff members have overlapping availability. To prevent this, ensure that each staff member has distinct working hours to avoid scheduling conflicts.

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