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Understanding the Loyalty Program feature
Understanding the Loyalty Program feature

Credit, Time, and Visit passes explanation with practical examples

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In this guide, we'll walk you through the Loyalty Program feature, which offers Time passes, Credit passes, and Visit passes, each with its own benefits.

1. Credit Passes 💰

Credit passes are versatile options that provide clients with a specific value they can use for booking services. Here's how they work:

Example: Let's say you issue a Credit pass worth $100. If a client books a service for $30, the system deducts $30 from the pass's credit, leaving $70 for future bookings.

  • You can tailor Credit passes to be valid for specific services or all the services you provide.

  • This offers clients control over their bookings and flexibility in choosing services.

2. Time Passes ⏲️

Time passes are perfect for providing clients with flexibility. Here's what you need to know:

Example: A fitness studio offers a monthly Time pass. Clients purchase the pass for a month, granting unrestricted access to various fitness classes, personal training sessions, etc.

  • Clients can book as many sessions as they want within that month.

  • The studio can choose whether the Time pass is valid for all services or specific ones, catering to different client preferences.

3. Visit Passes 🚪

Visit passes offer an ideal option for services based on a visit-count model. Here's how they operate:

Example: A spa offers a Visit pass for massage services set for five visits. Each time a client books a massage session, one visit is deducted from their pass.

  • This structured approach ensures that clients receive the exact number of sessions they've paid for.

  • You can tailor Visit passes to be valid for specific services or all the services you provide.

In summary, Reservio's Loyalty Program feature offers flexibility and convenience to both businesses and clients. Whether you prefer Credit passes for value-based bookings, Time passes for flexible time periods, or Visit passes for a set number of visits, Reservio has you covered.

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