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How does the inventory management work
How does the inventory management work
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Do you offer physical products as well as services? Upload them to your inventory, keep track of the stock levels, and sell them easily to your clients.

What can I manage in my inventory?

You can easily add, remove, or change the price, description, photo, or current stock status of products in your inventory. In addition, you will also see a history of all the movements that have taken place in the inventory. Whether it's the addition of new products or the sale of products. You'll have everything in one place.

How can I sell products to customers?

You can offer products directly to customers when they pay for the service at your location. You simply add the product to the order and the client pays for both in one payment.

TIP: If you need to adjust your taxes to match the regulations of the state you conduct business in, open this guide to learn the exact process.

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