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How to filter appointments and events in the calendar
How to filter appointments and events in the calendar
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Do you have a calendar full of bookings, and are you losing track of it? Filter only certain employees, services, or a specific day and get a detailed overview.

Open the Calendar tab, where you can see three ways to filter appointments or events:

  • by employees,

  • by services,

  • by days.

1. Filter by employees

To filter by employees, just click on the name of the relevant employee in the left column, or choose one of the other options:

  • All employees — the calendar shows the bookings of all employees.

  • A specific employee — the calendar shows only bookings of the employee whose name you have selected in the left column.

  • Unassigned — the calendar shows those bookings or events that have not been assigned to any available employees.

2. Filter by service

Another option is to filter events by service type. Check the required type of service in the left column; only bookings or events that belong to this service will be displayed in the calendar.

TIP 1: Try combining filtering by services with filtering by an employee to get a very detailed overview.

3. Filter by days

After clicking on the Day button under the primary tabs, you will see only the bookings/events for a specific day in chronological order. You can change the day by clicking on another date in the small calendar on the left side.

TIP 2: You can easily combine this filtering with filtering by employees and services. Just check the required services or employees in the left column.

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